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Now you can have normal vision all the time, thanks to excimer laser treatment--commonly known as PRK and Lasik--a painless procedure that takes less than five minutes. Dr. Andrew I. Caster, one of the leading physicians in the permanent correction of nearsightedness, astigmatism, and farsightedness, takes you through the entire process--including the experiences of patients who have undergone the procedure and their incredible joy at suddenly being able to see again.

  • What are the differences between the PRK, Lasik, and RK procedures, and which is right for me?
  • What are the most common side effects of excimer laser treatment?
  • How do I judge whether a doctor is sufficiently qualified to perform excimer laser treatment?
  • Will the procedure be painful?
  • When can I fully resume normal daily activities such as driving and reading?
  • Will eye laser treatment stop my eyes from getting worse?
  • How well has the FDA monitored this technique?
  • How many people have successfully undergone the procedure?

The Eye Laser Miracle
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Lasik: The Eye Laser Miracle is the guide for anyone who wants better vision.

Drawing on his own practice, a surgeon who has performed thousands of eye operations using lasers discusses the pros and cons of such surgery--approved by the FDA in 1995--and explores all the factors one should consider before surgery.
Eye laser surgery is a painless, 5-minute procedure which corrects nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism, making eyeglasses unnecessary. In this book, a surgeon who has performed almost 30,000 procedures offers the best in-depth look at the procedure, exploring all the factors one needs to consider before and after having it done.

Reviews from Los Angeles, California
Excellent description of a miraculous new medical procedure!
Dr. Caster describes in detail the Lasik procedure, a miraculous new laser eye surgery that can cure nearsightedness and astigmatism. After I read the book, I had Dr. Caster operate on my eyes, and I have now thrown away my glasses.

A reader from Chicago,IL
Very Informative, answers all you pre-Lasik questions
I was very hesitant to have Lasik done and after reading Dr. Caster's book, I felt much more sure of the procedure. This was like a bible to me before and after the procedure. It was not too wordy, in fact it was straight and to the point, unlike other books about medical procedures. Anyone who is considering Lasik should buy this book. It is also very reasonably priced and not as wordy as some of the other books I saw. You don't need a long, expensive book... you simply need what Dr. Caster has done, a very informative book that answers all your questions and gives you very honestly, the pros and cons of the procedure. I have given this book to many friends who were so grateful to have this information right at their fingertips. Glasses off to Dr. Caster!!!

A reader from Boston, Massachusetts
informative, insightful, concise
As someone thinking about having laser vision correction, I was looking for a source of information that was concise but informative. I found that in this book. Dr. Caster clearly has dealt with thousands of patients, because he seemed to answer my questions along the way in a very readable and logical format. In one-and-a-half short and enjoyable hours of reading, I felt I was prepared to make a decision about having this procedure. from New York, NY
A good buy... useful information.
This book is a good resource, and one that I recommended to my patients when I was on staff at Harvard Medical School (Dept. of Ophthalmology) where I trained in LASER VISION CORRECTION and Lasik with the top leaders in the field. They also found the book useful and recommended it...If you want a simple and cheap introduction to this fascinating subject.... buy it. -- This text refers to the paperback edition of this title 

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The Caster Eye Center in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California specializes exclusively in Lasik laser vision correction to improve nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism, including the latest wavefront technology. Dr. Caster was selected by Los Angeles Magazine as the Best Lasik Laser Eye Surgeon in Los Angeles.