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California Lasik Vision Correction Amy Alcott 
Professional Golfer

Playing without contact lenses for the first time in 16 years is such a relief. From tee to green my perception is clearer and I can read the greens better than ever before.

I decided to have Lasik after hearing from other professional golfers. I did my homework and found Dr. Caster to be the very best Lasik surgeon.

Kristin Brown – Management Consultant
It's been 11 years since I was able to wake up and read my alarm clock. . . and today, it happened!!! This is truly amazing!! This entire experience, from my initial consultation to the actual procedure, has been outstanding- far exceeding my expectations. I would like to thank Dr. Caster and his wonderful staff.

Erin Benfield – Mom
I was definitely a little nervous about this procedure, but I had confidence in Dr. Caster and his staff. At each step in the process, the staff explained what was going on and why. I really felt that each technician and doctor had complete knowledge of the procedure and its intriacies (spelling?). Anyways, I recommended this to anyone who is eligible it's a life change!!!

Gerald A. Weisede – Retired
I'm very pleased with the results, and they will get even better. The whole staff has been the best. I feel very lucky to have come here for the procedure. Thank everyone.

Dori Davis –
Very positive experience, Dr. Caster & the staff- awesome!!!
My only question " Why didn't I do this years ago?"

Kirsty Tan – Consulting manager
Being able to see the time on a clock first thing in the morning was an amazing feeling. I told my husband "It's 7:30am I could see the clock. That was the next day after my Lasik surgery at Caster Eye Center. My husband, who was a critic seemed happy!! I now have 20/20 vision a day after the surgery, a dramatic improvement from my previous -9.50 vision.

Sergio Ibarra – Student (UCLA)
What most impressed me about the Caster Eye Center was the direct honesty, patience and professionalism. I know exactly what to expect during the surgery, and the counselors as well as those working with me had light-hearted, comforting sensitivity towards my anxiousness. Interacting with the Dr. Caster himself and those who work for him, I knew I was going to get the best result that was possible for my eyes. I am glad I came here and give a big thanks to everyone who worked w/me at the Caster Eye Center.

Carolyn Goldsberry – Director, Humor Resources
My experience with Dr. Caster & his entire staff was first class. Although I considered having the procedure close to home, I'm very glad I did not. Everyone was so helpful, considerate & though I felt confident that I was putting the "fate of my eyesight" in very capable hands. I applaud Dr. Caster for maintaining the highest standards of customer service with each of his staff. I felt like I met almost everyone & they were all terrific. Although I realize my eyes won't stanalyze for a few months, I would recommend the Caster Eye Center to everyone.

Erik Murrillo – Computer Technician
Having worn glasses since 1986, I really had no idea what to expect from this procedure. Now, after having gone though it, all my fears of Lasik were put to rest. Anyone considering this procedure should come to Dr. Caster fast. He is true. Professional and his staff are top notch. To be honest, words cannot describe what difference Lasik has done for me. Now I can be more acting than before and do things I always dreamt of doing. But could not do so because of my glasses.

Fernando Trujillo – Production assistant
I really enjoyed my experience with all the staff and am so pleased with the results of the surgery. Everyone was really professional and made me feel at ease with the whole procedure. It's wonderful!

Andrew Arrow – Technology
"Man destroys pair of eye glasses with garbage disposal!" Okay, so I'm exaggerating just a little to make a point. (I actually kept my old frames and turned them into sunglasses.) But there was certainly no love loss between me and my old prescription glasses. I had been prisoner to glasses like these for practically all my life. The day after my Lasik surgery the prison sentence finally ended. I wore glasses from 1987 to 1997, contacts (when I could get them to stay in my eyes) from 1997 to 1998, and glasses again from 1998 to 2001. No more. I am no longer handicapped. It's clichι but true; the day after the procedure was the best day of my life! I woke up and felt this amazing sense of freedom. If you have never been a convict in this vision prison you can't understand, but to my fellow inmates, Lasik is everything they say it is, and more. A world in which I can walk confidently down the halls without any visual crutches. The surgery itself was scary. No two ways about it. I found it nearly impossible to control my fight or flight instincts during the procedure and just relax. (If you are offered drugs, take them!) Dr. Caster and his staff (they deserve big raises) were fantastic. During the scariest part of the surgery was when I was most glad I selected Dr. Caster. If I was this nervous with the best laser eye surgeon in Los Angeles, how would I have felt under the laser at Joe's Discount Eye Surgery? It's worth the money. Go to the best. And as bad as it was, it really wasn't that bad. You feel mild discomfort when the flap in your eye is cut open. Then, the laser runs for a few minutes and you're done. The anxiety I felt was all mental, I couldn't tell my to stop shaking and allow someone to cut my eye. But after a few minutes it was all over and I was on my way home. If I had to I would do it again. And again and again and again. I love my new vision that mush! What's a few minutes of discomfort for a lifetime of crutch-free vision? You can't see much immediately after the surgery. You're eyes are dilated and everything is a little blurry. Protective goggles are worn that fog up and keep moisture inside. I would lift the goggle and wipe away fog periodically to test my new vision. I noticed improvement throughout the day but nothing compared to that next morning. Computer screens look different; it takes some adjusting but I was able to work the next day. Thank you Dr. Caster. I love my new eyes! If you've been a prisoner to glasses or contacts, break free! Lasik is here.

Rick Fox – Pro Athlete
I need a rebate on my NBA career. Nine years of contacts, inconsistent vision, and frustration all gone in three hours of pre-op & 20 minutes of surgery. The hardest part was saying goodbye to the teddy bear. I'm sure everyone is different but once I realized the fog in the goggles one hour after the surgery was not my actual vision, I lifted my goggles off to a new found world. The one I remember back in college. I recovered with clear vision faster than I could have imagined. I can't wait to hit the gym and enjoy the improvements in my game.

Jason Yanagihara – Analyst
This procedure is absolutely amazing! I have never been able to function without glasses or contacts prior to having Lasik. It has only been one day, but the change in my vision is spectacular. It is like I'm wearing contacts, but I'm not. I'm seeing with my own eyes.
I was nervous going into the surgery, but during the procedure I was fine. No pain, no more glasses. I love it!

Angela Mc Cauley – Insurance Broker
Absolutely amazing - Everything is crystal clear! The entire staff is extremely friendly and professional and I would recommend them to anybody and everybody. Thanks so much!

Tina Li – Project Coordinator
There is no pain at all and I can see very clear right now. I can't believe that I can see so well without my contact lens especially my nearsighted is so worse (-8.5). I feel very good and happy now. I can't wait to show my brother and sister who also wear contact lens.

Eve Mahoney – Accountant
For the first time in over 30 years I woke up and could see. It is less than 24 hours since the operation and my vision is still improving (rapidly), but even now it is extraordinary, or more accurately miraculous.

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The Caster Eye Center in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California specializes exclusively in Lasik laser vision correction to improve nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism, including the latest wavefront technology. Dr. Caster was selected by Los Angeles Magazine as the Best Lasik Laser Eye Surgeon in Los Angeles.